Fly Lid – 4 Pack


  • Turn your cup into a fly catcher!
  • Repurpose any disposable coffee or soda cup into an eco friendly fly trap!
  • Patented tiered design allows it to fit almost any disposable cups!
  • No need for poison or messy sticky traps. You can use safe and natural ingredients from your house with the Fly-Lid!
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No poisons or messy sticky fly paper! The best way to re-purpose any disposable cup! You can also use most cups or glasses from you cabinets. The Fly-Lid has a tiered design that allows it to fit most cups. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is safe to use around your pets. The Fly-Lid will trap house flies, fruit flies, and numerous other flying insects.

The Fly-lid lets flies in, but they can’t get out. Simply add some bait to a cup and pop the lid on top. The Fly-Lid works great using all natural ingredients from your kitchen, so there is no need to use poisons or foul smelling attractants. Something as simple as vinegar and sugar is a great way to lure the flies in. After you have added attractant to the cup and popped the Fly Lid on top, place the cup in a spot where you want to remove flies. If using the trap outside, placing the Fly-Lid in the sun and in a location with minimal wind is ideal. Flies would prefer not to be blown around when they are trying to eat.

The Fly-Lid is made from recyced bottles and Made in the USA. The 4 pack includes 4 Fly-Lids and a small insert with some recipe ideas to help you make a perfect mix from common household ingredients.


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Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.25 × 4.5 in


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